Differential Pressure

The provided differential pressure sensors with their outstanding operational temperature range from -65°C to +170°C (-85F to 340F), their extreme overpressure capability as well as highest line pressure capabilities give the opportunity for high reliable customized systems even in harshest environments.

See here an overview of our customized Transducers.

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DPH 100 4bar

Differential-Pressure-Sensor for 4 bar (60 Psi)

DPH 102 10bar

Differential-Pressure-Sensor for 10 bar (150 Psi)

DPHP 100 100mV

Differential-Pressure-Sensor fully calibrated and compensated for an output signal of 100mV @10 VDC supply.



Our provided Differential-Pressure-Systems are full-custom- designed. The displayed Differential-Pressure-System is just an example for a possible solution.

It would be a pleasure for us to design a system which fits to your requirements.